Frequently asked Questions


I would like you to be informed about the current situation with the USPS if you are a customer from the USA. Recently my orders to the USA have been very delayed. Orders used to arrive within 1,5weeks but now the postals are stuck at the customs for weeks. Please understand that due to that it might take up to a month, so if your tracking does not update whatsoever please do not blame me.

Where do you ship?
I ship all over the world, Germany or International.

What do I do if I got a wrong/damaged Product?
I am sorry for the inconveniences, to solve your problem fill out the form in the „Contact“ page, include your Order Number (included in Order Confirmation E-Mail) and a description of the problem.

Why do we not pay VAT?
In Germany small Businesses are not required to pay VAT (VAT not charged (small business, § 19 UStG).

Why is untracked shipment only available for international orders?
It is easier for both me and the national buyer if the parcel is tracked, for national orders tracked shipment is only 1€ more than untracked, which is why I think it is the best to keep it tracked. I would also love to just offer tracked shipment for international orders because I want your order to be safe, but I know the charges are high (+3€).

What are freebies and how do I get them?
Freebies are free gifts coming within your order, you can get freebies by just ordering anything.

Do you use a lot of plastic for the packaging?
No, I use as less as I can. The only thing I use plastic for is to protect the print‘s surface and tape.
For Keychains Eco-Friendly Plastic is used. The orders are wrapped with recycled tissue paper and the parcels consist of paper and a cardboard.

Who packs the orders?
Me! I package all your orders in my little room and make them as personal as possible. I hope I can make you happy when you open everything up!

When do you restock?
I will restock new and more products as soon as things sell out or are about to sell out.

What are pre-orders and how can I pre-order an item?
Pre-orders are a safe way for me to arrange new products. I will tell you what I plan to produce, people who are interested pay before the product is produced, then I will arrange as much needed and ship them out. Please remember Pre-orders are not in production yet, if you pre-order it takes longer to receive the parcel than when you buy an in-stock item.
In order to pre-order, you will have to look out for a product that has [PRE-ORDER] in the name.

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